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ESTRING® (estradiol) Description


ESTRING® (estradiol vaginal ring) is a slightly opaque ring with a whitish core containing a drug reservoir of 2 mg estradiol. Estradiol, silicone polymers and barium sulfate are combined to form the ring. When placed in the vagina, ESTRING releases estradiol, approximately 7.5 mcg per 24 hours, in a consistent stable manner over 90 days. ESTRING has the following dimensions: outer diameter 55 mm; cross-sectional diameter 9 mm; core diameter 2 mm. One ESTRING should be inserted into the upper third of the vaginal vault, to be worn continuously for three months.

Estradiol is chemically described as estra-1, 3, 5(10)-triene-3, 17╬▓-diol. The molecular formula of estradiol is C18H24O2 and the structural formula is:

Chemical Structure

The molecular weight of estradiol is 272.39.

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